Lynne Cohen – Between something and nothing

12 Apr 2014 - 18 Aug 2014

Winnipeg Art Gallery, Manitoba
This exhibit will trace the evolution of Lynne Cohen’s pioneering photography of readymade spaces over the past 40 years. From her black and white portraits of domestic and public spaces of the 70's, to the training centers and social engineering laboratories of the 80's, to her eventual use of colour with the Spa series from the late 90's to the present day, Cohen's found environments explore psychological, sociological, intellectual, and political artifice.
Capturing the world 'more or less' as she finds it, Cohen describes her work as probing "the boundaries between the found and the constructed, the absurd and the deadly serious, and the animate and the inert".
In addition to 21 borrowed works from the National Gallery of Canada, it also includes photographs from the Winnipeg Art Gallery’s collection and new work by the artist.
Co-organized by the National Gallery of Canada and the Winnipeg Art Gallery.


Lynne Cohen, <em>Banquet hall, Howard Johnson’s, Atlantic City, New Jersey</em> (detail), 1976 (printed 1986), gelatin silver print, 18.9 × 24 cm.

Lynne Cohen, Banquet hall, Howard Johnson’s, Atlantic City, New Jersey (detail), 1976 (printed 1986), gelatin silver print, 18.9 × 24 cm.